This blog is here to spread information and awareness about the lives, worries, and struggles of those living with Chronic and Invisible Illnesses, as well as to log my own personal story.  I started out on Tumblr early in 2011, and now that I feel a bit more serious about this project I’ve decided to try my hand at the wordpress format.  I love the Chronically Awesome Bloggers network as well as the lovely WhatTheJules, who is an inspiration of mine.

My name is Diana, I’m 25 yeas old and I live with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Raynaud’s, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Thanks for reading!

Reviews from readers/fellow bloggers:

Old soul with a young heart. Writing that goes down smooth with a dash of gin. Calloused but warm. Not afraid of getting lost. -Chelsea Spollen, Writer and Graphic Designer

Diana is so passionate about lupus and the education for those who aren’t aware of it and it’s aspects. I have learned a lot about something I didn’t know much about before meeting Diana and reading her blog! -Sarah Griggs, Reader and Friend

When Diana speaks
Her eyebrows raise high
Her arms and hands move quickly
In illustrative gesticulation
She is someone other people notice as they walk by
Secretly listening to what she has to say
She’s not hard to notice. -Katelyn Hanson, Poet and Friend


3 responses on “About/Reviews

  1. Hey Diana, I love your website and want to thank you for visiting mine, Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse. It’s my belief that those of us with chronic conditions need support one another in our efforts to build awareness. Accordingly, I’ve included a link to your blog in my reply to your comment: http://dystoniamuse.com/2013/02/28/promises-promises/. I wish you the best of luck with all that you do to promote understanding of life with invisible illness. You certainly have a wonderful attitude towards life. -Pamela-

    • i cannot thank you enough for your support. this is something i truly care about and your comment means the world. i love your blog, and your positive energy so much!

      thank you again, for everything!

      • Diana, Lovely to have found a kindred spirit. My blog has set me on quite a journey during which I’ve met some very special people, yourself included. Life is an adventure and we are all finding our way. -Pamela-

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