Introducing the Chronically Awesome Mustache Project!!!

Introducing the Chronically Awesome Mustache Project!  <—-Click to donate!

My father Robert has had his mustache for 39 years, since he was 18 years old.  But this Christmas he’s putting his beloved ‘stache on the line in the name of Chronic Illness support (and quite possibly the best christmas present ever).  Inspired by the efforts made by David Axelrod (campaign advisor to President Obama) for Epilepsy research, if I can raise $500.00 for the Chronically Awesome Foundation by Christmas Day, my father will shave off his legendary mustache on film.

I’ve been living with Lupus (and other chronic conditions) since I was 14 years old (I’m 25 now), and I have been writing under the hashtag (#) Chronically Awesome for about two years now.  Now that this community has become a full-fledged charity organization hell-bent on supporting people like me accomplish their goals and dreams…I can’t WAIT to raise this money and get involved.  You can find my website by clicking here, and the Chronically Awesome Foundation link is just above!

The CAF is a brand new organization but has been a community for almost two years now.  As a charity organization, Chronically Awesome (founded by Jules Shapiro) seeks to support those living with chronic illnesses, helping them fund their own projects and dreams and to live the full lives they deserve!  And please be assured, 100% of the money donated will be given directly to the Chronically Awesome Foundation!!

Aside from the fact that helping the Chronically Awesome Foundation is just about the best Christmas gift I could ask for…I also REALLY want to see this mustache get hacked!  I mean, let’s take a look at the evolution of this thing throughout the years, shall we?

198237_4253253802915_1183345051_nThere he is (on the right) in the early days of his mustachey life.

485076_4254582836140_1233987024_nHere, the mustache is in it’s glorious prime.  In face, most hair-related choices made in this image were pretty stellar.

377805_10150372461452585_1164795232_nAnd here is the most recent evolution of the signature mustache, still going strong.

So click here to donate if you can, and keep checking back for updates!  More pictures, videos, and testimony from the man himself are to follow!!

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