The Chronically Awesome Foundation | HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES

The Chronically Awesome Foundation | HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES

Happy Birthday to the fantastic Jules!  This woman has been leaving a trail of awesome wherever she goes, and now she’s gone above and beyond!

The Chronically Awesome movement is now officially a non profit foundation, legally accepting tax deductible donations to do what Jules and so many of us dream about: helping those with Chronic Illnesses live the lives they WANT to be living!

Jules contacted me quite soon after my first post on Tumblr, sharing my sentiments about the negative “spoonie” culture, and how life with Chronic Illness desperately needed a more positive outlook.  I started using her #chronicallyawesome hashtag on all my posts, and found inspiration in the writing of her and several other bloggers adopting the same “we shall overcome” attitude.

And now, two years later, Chronically Awesome is more than just a tag, or an attitude.  It’s a Foundation and a new force for good in the world of Health and Wellness.  I’m so excited and proud to see this happen, and to be a part of it.

And you can be too!  Be as involved as you’d like to be.  You can simply start adding the #chronicallyawesome tag to your posts, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the foundation, you can sign up to volunteer…whatever is within your means or desires, it’s up to you =).

Today, it’s Jules’ (of WhatTheJules, and the Founder of the Chronically Awesome Foundation) birthday, so the support shown today for her labor of love would be the best gift ever!  And, it’s not just her you’d be giving a smile to.

One response on “The Chronically Awesome Foundation | HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES

  1. Diana is so passionate about lupus and the education for those who aren’t aware of it and it’s aspects. I have learned a lot about something I didn’t know much about before meeting Diana and reading her blog!

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